UG2SOAP Guiding Philosophy 

We are a small little family-owned company that believes in furthering the education of the soaping community while helping our own local communities grow at the same time.


We feel that it is imperative that all soap makers learn the fundamentals of soap science, recipe formulating, troubleshooting, methodology, and design before investing their time, money, supplies, and energy into “uninformed” recipes and “failed batches”. This means that we want all who enjoy our books, videos, and recipes, to feel comfortable in their soap making skills and understand that soaping is a science first, and an art second. There is an incredible amount of soap making information available for free on the internet and there are many different soaping books available at the library and for purchase, but not a single one of these resources has all of the information or support that you need to be successful- and they most certainly don't have this collective information in one easy to read and access place.

The Ultimate Guide to Soap coursebooks are unlike any other available resource, and each provides readers with the fundamental education, support, and step-by-step directions necessary to learn how to formulate and create beautiful, complication-free soap. We provide detailed information about basic soap science, fatty acids, superfatting, water concentrations, oxidation and rancidity, thermodynamics, soap qualities, soap calculators, and so much more, with detailed instructions and information on the why, how, and what of soap making.  Because there was a lack of available information and because we want all soap makers to be successful, we spent years developing and researching our soap making skills and knowledge in order to create the book we wish we had when we first started our own soap making journies. 



About Ashley Green

Ashley Green is an author, blogger, scientist, teacher, dog mom, wife, volunteer, amateur gardener, stargazer, and wanderlust. She has a passion for exploring, sharing, and teaching the history, science, and art of soap making. She hosts The Ultimate Guide to Soap blog and YouTube channel, hosts the largest online soap making Facebook group Soap Making for Beginners Worldwide, and has written multiple internationally recognized soap making course books sold in more than 125 countries around the world.