Soap Science, Recipe Formulating, Methodology, Troubleshooting, & Design

We make soap EASY.

Are you interested in learning how to successfully formulate, create, and design your own beautiful, bubbly, and long-lasting soap? The Ultimate Guide to Soap coursebooks will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know!


We delve deep into the history and science of soap making to provide our students with the ultimate learning experience. Study saponification, lye concentrations, fatty acids, superfatting, soap properties, oil and fat sources, and more. Enjoy a comprehensive curriculum that teaches students how to select ingredients based on chemical composition and desired soap qualities, how to use a soap calculator, and how to avoid common soap making complications that occur due to a lack of knowledge and experience. After you have learned the fundamentals of soap science and recipe formulating, enjoy discovering different styles of soap making, each with unique features that allow our students to truly design personalized and creative soaps.


All students have access to one-on-one student support, continuing education opportunities, tutorial and educational videos, an online soap making community, and more.

We truly provide the ultimate learning experience, unlike any other class, book, or blog!

No more guessing.

No more hoping.

No more complications.

No more wasted time or money.

Just beautiful, easy soap,
with the properties, appearance, and performance YOU desire- EVERY time!


"OMG! The UG2HP Book is amazing. So much information and you're head will be spinning..... but in a good way. So much information that is helpful to get you through your first recipe and beyond. Pictures... Video links... and a new community."

— Annelise C.

Our Current Coursebooks:

The Ultimate Guide to Cold Process Soap: Soap Science, Recipe Formulating, Additives, Troubleshooting, and Cold Process Methodology


The Ultimate Guide to Hot Process Soap: Soap Science, Recipe Formulating, Low Temperature & Fluid Hot Process Soap



The Ultimate Guide to Liquid Soap: Soap Science, Liquid Soap Formulating, Cold Process, Hot Process & 30-Minute No-Paste Liquid Soap

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